Saint John United Methodist Church

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.

The people of The United Methodist Church.


Serving and worshiping God in songs of praise!
The Music and Worship Ministry is comprised of a Praise Team, Male, St. John UMC Choral, Youth, and Mass Choirs. The Music Ministry exists to lead the people of God in praise and worship, as well as to provide a place of expression for people of all ages to whom He has gifted in the areas of singing and the playing of instruments skillfully. 

We are the Altos, Basses, Sopranos, and Tenors prayerfully dedicating our concerted voices and actions; faithfully accepting the calling and contributing our very best efforts.


  St. John UMC Choral meets on Wednesday at 6:30 PM
  The Youth & Children’s Choir meets on Thursday at 6:30 PM
  The Male Choir meets on Thursday at 7:30 PM
  The Praise Team meets on Thursdays at 8:30 PM
  The Mass Choir meets as needed